newly diagnosed need some kind words

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Posted By D on Sep 30, 2015

Have been feeling bad now for last two months. Have three kids youngest is 11 months. Have terrible worries about my own mental health. Worrying that I'm going to end up being institutionalized and that I will loose myself completely. Did anyone else have these crazy worries??? I have just started meds and am chatting to a therapist.

Posted By Ann on Oct 12, 2015

Hi D I thought I already replied to this must have gone to cyber space. I see you just on meds they take time to get into system and I remember thinking I going more mad and was so scared but after 2 weeks things settled down a bit. I found walking really helped and getting out of the house, its so easy to hide away but not good for the head. Thereapy can be a help if you find somone you click with, make sure to ask for suggestions as to how to help your self and take one day at a time.

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