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Posted By on Aug 26, 2015

I don't think my baby loves me at all and that she blames me for her having to have an operation for pyloric stenosis and being starved for the week before it, now every time she's hungry and has to wait for her bottle to cool down its like she thinks I'm going to starve her again.... She always cries and gives out when I have her but is fine when someone else holds her.. We used to be so in love and now it's like she can't stand me.....I just find it so upsetting and wish she would like me so I can love her properly

Posted By Jean on Aug 28, 2015

You are being so hard on yourself, it was not easy on you having to starve her for a week but you had to for her own good. We as Mums are so good at blaming ourselves, you must try to relax she senses that you are uptight an reacts the way she does.Have some nice play time with her another time which can be nice is bath time. I thought new babies drink bottles at room temperature so no heating!!! My boys used to be so impatient at feeding time and definately didnt like to be kept waiting. What if you feed her before she gets cranky, it is hard to feed a screaming baby. Of course your baby loves you and needs you, but she has been through a though time as have you, be gentle try to relax.

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