Have PND so lonely

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Posted By Tina on Jul 21, 2015

Been diagnoised with PND 2 months ago, I have no family close by, feel so lonely and isolated, being in the house on my own really upsets and stresses me. I havent told my partner as he under enough pressure. Is this normal?

Posted By Jill on Jul 23, 2015

Been there, hated being on my own in the house at the time didnt know it associated with PND. Is there anyone you can go and visit or ask somone over to your house. I had no family close by either so I used to go up home regulary, it really helped me. Try to get out of the house, walking really helps and going into town or to the shopping centre, it helped just being around other people. If you are near to a support group it realy helps to talk to other women that understand. You must talk to your partner, he probably has noticed and is worried himself. You need to deal with this as a couple, you need his support and understanding.

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