Dont want to go on Medication

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Posted By Jackie on Jun 22, 2015

I was diagnoised with PND 2 months ago, finding it hard to come to terms with it, I was always so self assured and independant, cant believe this happened to me. Really have an issue with going on medication but feel coming under pressure from my family and Doctor. Where I am now I find it so hard to make decissions (not one bit like me) can I do this myself if I have good support??

Posted By Joan on Jun 24, 2015

we all find it so difficult to admit that we might have PND, having a baby is Supposed to be happiest time of our lives (so the book says) about 20% of women get PND in some degree or other, so there is a lot of it around. I remember being so affraid of medication but I had no family to give me support and I was so bad I had to do something, there were no support groups and women just didnt talk about it. You must talk to your GP and get informed information, look up other info here on the site. I found walking really helped and having somone that you trust to confide in. Keep a diary of your feelings just to see how bad things are and do call on your friends and family for support. Look up helpfull suggestions, even the samllest things can help.

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