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Posted By Anonymous on Aug 03, 2019

Hi I’ve recently been diagnosed with PND,I’ve been suffering from anxiety since my daughter was born but when I stopped breastfeeding her two months ago things got way worse. My daughter is now 18months and I feel like I’m going crazy, everything is a big deal, I cry at the drop of a hat, I’m always exhausted and dizzy and I can’t cope with any kind of confrontation no matter how small. Has anyone else ever experienced PND in this way ? I have chosen not to take medication as we are trying for another baby and the clock is against me but I’m afraid that counselling alone will not help. Has anyone chosen to go this route ? Thanks for any help

Posted By Hazel on Aug 06, 2019

Well you not going crazy even though it feels like it. when we stop breast feeding sometime our symptoms can seem worse. Have you good support, I know that really helped me along with getting out of the house and taking exercise. Are you going for counselling? it is a help to have someone to listen to you. Have you spoken to your GP and what advise you got. It is good to keep a small diary of how you are feeling during the day. I found the PND Support Group a great help, so important to have someone to talk to that understands

Posted By Fran on Aug 06, 2019

Thank you for your message. I am booked in for counselling in a few weeks everyone seems to be on holidays for August. I have just started to go back exercising to get some head space I hope it will make a difference. I’m back to work next week which has been a huge source of anxiety to me so I’m dreading that to be honest. I’ve told my sisters and close friends what’s going on but I suppose there’s not much they can do. Where would I find a group to go to ? I have spoken with my GP but have chosen not to go down the medicine root for now as I am trying to have another baby. I think I will try to keep a diary that’s a good idea. Thank you I appreciate the advice.

Posted By Hazel on Aug 07, 2019

We all feel stressed going back to work, I know I felt it really bad myself but after a day or two its like I never away. Where are you living roughly, re support group. Glad you told your sisters and friends, they can be there for you to listen to you encourage you, bring you our for a coffee or shopping or for a walk, mind the baby so you can get your hair done or have a lie down all these things help..

Posted By Fran on Aug 11, 2019

Hi Hazel, I live in Cork but can’t see anything about a group at the moment everything seems to have finished in July. Where can I find this info?

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