3rd time Mum stresssssssssss!

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Posted By Anonymous on Mar 19, 2022

Hi I’m a Mum to three small use under 4 incl a newbie and while I sailed through the new addition and initial months, today I hit a new low. I had post natal anxiety after #1, PND after #2 and was joyous that #3 had sparked anything. We had a bereavement recently and my husband being less available to me emotionally really set me back. I’m a total perfectionist and have always struggled with dropping my standards but the tentacles of PND and her critical voice has started to choke me I feel so bad when the poor Mums in the Ukraine had it a zillion times harder and worse but am afraid I’m being a terrible Mummy and sabotaging my marriage to my decades long love I used to live abroad so was easier to be anonymous there but am feeling a bit of a family noose and microscope since we returned Hope this doesn’t read like a sob story or seem self induced Appreciate any advice. I’ve done CBT before but would never take meds as not for me

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 24, 2022

Hi , Thank you for reaching out to us and congratulations on your new baby 💜 Delayed postnatal depression does happen, however postnatal depression can occur at any time in the year after birth. It is also possible that you've been experiencing this for longer than you've been aware and With 4 small children and considering you’ve had a recent bereavement but the good thing is you can and have recognized it now, which means you can attend to it.. its ok if meds are not for you but speaking to a gp he may even have other options like speaking to a counsellor. Regardless, of any one else’s situation and how good or bad it is the most important thing for you is to look after yourself. Have you spoken to anyone about how you are feeling maybe a PHN or GP or friends or family? Have you spoken to your husband about how you are feeling?? , It is very common for partners to feel they don't know what to do or say in these situations to suit you. You have really small children and it’s so hard to settle them all in to a routine that will suit each of them andim sure you are doing a fantastic job. I’m sure you are not a noose to anyone. Can you get any time in the week where you can just get even a half hour to yourself to get out for a walk or coffee take any extra help you can get.). We have a book available if this is something you might be interested in. I hope this has been helpful, please feel free to reach out to us here, on our social media (Postnatal Depression Ireland on Facebook and Pndireland on Instagram), or by phone on 0214922083/ 0834850689 if you need more support 💜 - Jennifer,

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