Reply to Intrusive Thoughts

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 13, 2019

Hi I don’t even know where to begin or how to write this post... My little boy is 14 weeks old and since right after he was born, I have been suffering with post natal anxiety & panic. I feel so lost and can’t understand why this is happened to me. My anxiety makes my mind race and I have the most terrible intrusive thoughts. I just want it to stop and the more I will it to go away it won’t ! My GP is really good and says this is normal but yet any support forums I’m on no one seems to mention I going mad...Is it just me...

Posted By Recovered mum of 2! on Mar 13, 2019

Hi, I know you said your GP is really good but maybe you need a second opinion. Would you feel comfortable speaking to your public health nurse about it or join a local mums group? I had PND in my first pregnancy and spoke to my GP at the 6week check about my worries and she told me to snap out of it, that most women have to get on with things when there husband is at work etc. Absolutely rubbish advice and attitude and I was left undiagnosed. That was 4 years ago and only recently I have been able to look back and identify how I was back then and that yes I did have PND. It annoys me that I sought help and was basically ignored! If I was you I would talk to another GP in the practice or talk to someone else who will listen like your family, public health nurse etc. Best wishes x

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 14, 2019

Thank you so much for your reply. My message probably didn’t come across correctly. My GP is very good and has diagnosed me with post natal anxiety & panic disorder, I am on medication. He told me the intrusive thoughts are a normal part of that process. I just wanted to see did anyone else experience them as part of their journey & if so had did they recover from them.

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 15, 2019

Hi yes I have anxiety my baby is 6 weeks old and I am here now beside him worried. He is asleep and I am thinking 1. Is he ok 2 are we feeding him too much 3 he looks in pain 4 is he constipated 5 What was that little scream for is he in pain 6 I don’t want to do these bottles tonight 7 not sure I am doing this right This is all in the space of 5 min I used CBT training to work on these thoughts and keep a journal and i have a phone Counselling session tomorrow. Anxiety needs slot of work to keep it at bay. You are not alone it is very common.

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 15, 2019

What I will do now is take out my journal and replace every thought with a secure thought. Maybe look into getting s cbt book or go to someone. I wouldnt rely on just medication you need to know hot yo mentally change your thoughts. You need to force yourself to think differently for example 1.I said is he ok am I doing this right I think he is in pain 2 secure thought : he is asleep, he is not crying babies always cry when something is wrong. He is eating and he has wet napped. He was laughing with me today. And just keep replacing the thoughts with secure ones..... simple but not easy I know

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 15, 2019

Hi Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I started counseling this week and CBT techniques were mentioned so hopefully as the weeks pass and I start that it will ease. Thank you again very much.