Reply to Wife has started abusing pills and alcohol

Posted By Anonymous on May 03, 2018

We have a 3 year old who never slept and my wife suffered with pnd after his birth, received counselling and came through it. We lost a baby late in the pregnancy after this and that affected her badly however went back to counselling and made great progress. She had our 2nd little boy 5 months ago who is another disaster for sleeping again. Over the last months I first caught her getting drunk in the morning by drinking a large amount of brandy very quickly. I removed all alcohol from the house and we had a long loving talk that I thought sorted it but she did it again this time with Solpodene (codine) tablets. I removed them and today she has done it again, (to a lesser extent) but I don't know what she has taken this time. She attends her counsellor every week. I'm terrified that she this could become a long term thing and will do anything and everything to nip it in the bud.

Posted By Anna on May 15, 2018

Your wife has been through so much and I am glad she is going to a councilor which should be a help but is she aware of your wife taking pills and alcohol. Have you talked to her yourself, looks like a cry for help. Has she support from family and friends?? I think nothing worse than broken sleep can break the strongest. Important that she gets some time out for herself. she really needs to talk to Councillor re these issues.