Feeling a million different ways

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Posted By Jenny on Apr 24, 2019

Hi Joan, Thank you for your message . Yes I am going to see a mental health team on Friday . This will be the first step I have taken into trying to seek help. I do try my best to get out with the baby just to try and switch off however it is proving quite difficult for me . Hopefully after my visit on Friday I will know a little bit more and suitable ways to deal with it .

Posted By Joan on Apr 24, 2019

Jenny those thoughts are so scary, did your GP say when you would expect your appointment? What medication are you on and has the GP increased your dose? You need to distract yourself, getting out for a walk really helped me also keep a short diary of your moods. You will get better, I actually thought I wouldn't get better but I did, taking one day at a time when the thoughts keep going around in your head I found it helped to distract myself, get out of the house, talk to a friend that understands. Have you tried counselling, its also worth a try. Take one day at a time and try positive thoughts it is not easy but it did help me.

Posted By Niamh on Apr 26, 2019

Oh I remember those scary thoughts so well. How they seemed to run through my whole body. By absolute fluke someone I’m not very close to but had a baby a similar age started talking about disturbing thoughts she had (our babies are the same age). I was so relieved and we ended up talking and even laughing (I know that sounds terrible but we started laughing at the stupid scary things that would race through our minds). I then felt more comfortable opening up to other friends about it and even mums who had much older kids than me could vividly remember the scary thoughts they had in the early days. I went to a counselor and I went back on anti-anxiety meds, but honestly yhink those thoughts kind of drifted away or lost their power once I realized I wasn’t alone. I’d highly recommend going along to a PND meeting (your local hospital might have one). Good luck. You’re doing great.

Posted By Anonymous on Apr 21, 2019

Hi mum's, I'm a first time mum to a little girl who is 8 weeks old . I love every bone in her little body but unfortunately I have been suffering very badly with PND lately . I am due to see a mental health team soon but I just feel it is getting worse and I've been having a million different thoughts lately . Can other first time mum's let me know if they have experienced this and does it really get better .

Posted By Jenny on Apr 28, 2019

Hi Niamh, Hope you are well ? Yes it is crazy the thoughts I have and my inner self knows that this isn't me . I'm glad to say that I have recently had my first counselling sessions and obviously it's a long road ahead but I'm on it now .

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