Possible PND

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Posted By Anonymous on Dec 17, 2018

Hi All. My lo is 4 months and we’ve been struggling with breastfeeding since day one. We were advised on discharge from hospital to exclusively breastfeed and I followed this thinking things would improve despite poor weight gain. We also had a tongue tie diagnosed and released but no improvement. We tried to give a bottle in early days and every day for last 5 weeks but no luck. Concerned about milk supply now too. LO is doing great in terms of milestones & seems happy but very poor sleeper. I can’t help feeling all connected to feeding issues and thinking I followed wrong advice. Not getting much sleep either - find that I’m awake even when LO asleep. Also feel increased anxiety and low self esteem. Went to GP and talked it out but no definitive diagnosis or treatment. How do I know what’s PND & what’s “normal worry”? Any advice much appreciated.

Posted By Emma on Dec 20, 2018

It is so frustrating you do everything your are told and it dosen't work, so are you breast feeding an bottle? You have given your baby a great start and that is so important but it comes a time when you have to decide what is good for baby and yourself. It is so terrible when you cant sleep, can you go to the spare room and put in earplugs and make sure your partner is in charge of baby. One decent night sleep will really stand to you. I had terrible trouble with sleep, you should keep a diary over a week and see what your mood like and how much sleep you are getting. You should go back to your GP, when we loose our sleep can be hard to get it back. Are you getting some exercise so important. Look up the symptoms on this website there is also a section on helpful suggestions . I cant tell you whether you have or not PND, you can ring the office 021 4922083

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