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Posted By Anonymous on Mar 20, 2018

I am 7 months post partum and in complete denial that I am having post partum depression. But tonight I acknowledge it and I seriously need help. Some days I am just angry that I feel like I am going to burst. It's been affecting my marriage and I feel like a bad mother to our oldest daughter because I am constantly snapping at her. Backstory - My partner is Irish and we had to rush moving to Ireland whilst I was pregnant because of my inconsiderate sister in law who wanted to get married soon so we had to rush everything. I was in major stress organising our big move from one country to another. I felt great the early stages of my pregnancy and I just felt miserable and had a hard time coping the last few months of my pregnancy upto now that I am seven months post partum. I need help. Is there a support group I can go in Cavan town? Thank you.

Posted By Mags on Mar 21, 2018

Just wondering what other symptoms you have, have you been to your GP or spoken to your Public Health Nurse it is important to be diagnosed. when we not feeling well we inclined to take it out on those nearest to us, it is always important to say sorry. Any upheaval when we pregnant is very hard on us and you seem to have gone through your share. How was your birth experience? Have you good support? Is there any mother and toddler group near you? it is great to have support of other mums. As far as I know there is no group in Cavan your Public Health Nurse should have information. Is there a Cuidiu group they sometimes have PND Coffee mornings. You can always ring 021 4922083 Cork office and somone can talk to you.

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