Reply to Research into raising awareness of PND and breaking the taboo

Posted By Anonymous on Apr 17, 2018

I am undertaking some research into Post Natal depression awareness, and how we can raise better awareness of it for both mothers and loved ones. I would really appreciate it if anyone has the time to either answer some of the questions below or just to share your story- all information will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you would prefer to email me; 1. Do you know what PND (Postnatal Depression) is? 2. Have you ever suffered from PND? 3. If you have suffered what was your experience? 4. If no, do you know anyone who has suffered? 5. Have you ever experienced something after you gave birth and didnt recognise it as PND? 6. If you did could you please elaborate on your experience. 7. Do you think the Irish health services have a good approuch to PND and raising awareness? 8. Who do you think needs to be aware of the signs of PND and why? 9..What do yo think needs to be done to help people with PND? 10. What do you feel is the main barrier to stopping women seeking help for PND?