Reply to possible to get this after a year??

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 10, 2017

I have two kids,and after having our 2nd I didn't have the same instant feelings as first time round. She had severe colic and I literally slept on a couch with her on my chest for 3 months straight. Things all improved and I am so lucky with them both. But for the majority of the last 12 months (she's now 2) I am feeling extremely low, no motivation, suffer mood swings and find myself being so irritated by things that have never bothered me before. I also get bad cabin fever being at home and find my days so mundane, I used to be really outgoing and bubbly but feel like a totally different person. Is it possible this could be postnatal depressed so late on?? I love my girls, but feel like I want to escape most days and am slowly crumbling.

Posted By Jemma on Jun 13, 2017

The thing that jumped out at me was cabin fever and wanting to escape, think you need to start here. I know it can be hard with two children to get out but I used to try to plan something at least every second day, like go to the park, get the bus to town and look at shops or even get out for a walk. I presume you are a stay at home Mum like I was until they got big enough for school. It is a really hard job as you say so mundane, you have to make an effort to get out for your own sake. Is there a mother and toddler near you, I found this really helpful meeting other mums and the kids enjoyed it as well. You need to do something for yourself like do a class go for a swim go to gym, meet a friend, we so need adult company when with kids all day. Keep a list of you moods this can be done in a diary make a list of all things you have achieved we usually zone in on the bad things. Ur hormones could be out of kilter I found evening Primrose and vitamin B complex a help, talk to your GP and your health shop. It will get better but you must push yourself.

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 15, 2017

I'm good for getting out and about some days with our youngest (older is 9 so in school) but it's even going to the same park, playcentres etc that just gives me a feeling of groundhog day. I always worked until number 2 came along, so I had put it all down to missing my job, colleagues and being social. But lately it just feels like more than that, ive had an unlucky run of bad health and surgeries the last few months too so maybe that just hasn't helped. I'll def try the vitamin suggestions. It really is the hardest thing ive ever done - being a stay at home parent, maybe its just taking longer to adjust than I expected. Thanks so much for your reply x