Reply to Pre natal depression

Posted By on Sep 17, 2016

Hi all. I'm just wondering if anyone has suffered with pre natal depression. I had PND after my LO who is a year old and I'm now 11 weeks pregnant. But some of the feelings I've been getting lately remind me of how I was feeling before.

Posted By Jill on Sep 20, 2016

Yes I did and have found there is a lot of it around. Did you go on meds when you had PND? It is important to talk to your GP and Public Health Nurse. I know I got it mild but some women can have it more severe. Important to try to be posotive, try and get exercise every day and make sure and get some support and rest is really important. PND Irl 021 4922083 are there if you need to talk, I went to a few of their support meetings and it really helped knowing I had their support. they are not just ther for women with PND but also those with Anti Natal Depression.