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Posted By Anonymous on Jan 11, 2021

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. I’m looking for someone to help me out with my baby during the day as I have pnd & im struggling to cope with her. She’s a beautiful baby girl (4 months old) but she has reflux & is teething & it’s all too much for me. I find myself dreading the morning because I’m not sure how I’ll get through another day. My partner is great but he needs to work. If you know somewhere I can find someone who would be willing to help for a few weeks/months then please let me know. Thanks

Posted By PND Ireland on Jan 14, 2021

Hi Anonymous, Thankyou for your message - I understand that the first few weeks/months can be most challenging and help is certainly required at times. We offer a support service if you would like to have a chat with us over the phone @ 0834850689 or alternatively you can reach us with a private message on 'PND Ireland' on Facebook if you would prefer to have a chat there privately and directly. We respond to messages there on a daily basis, Monday - Friday. We don't usually arrange direct help in the home for mom's (which actually sounds like it would be a good idea as all mom's definitely need help at times!)., however, we are open to supporting you in all other ways possible that you feel may be of help during this time - we arrange support meetings for mom's and we arrange online zoom meetings for mom's since the beginning of Covid - all of this information is always updated to our facebook page. Please do send us a message or call if we can be of any help or support at all ? We are here for you if you need us. Regards, Lisa.

Posted By Anonymous on Jan 15, 2021

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your response & I completely understand that you don’t help however I was just wondering if you know of any agencies or websites where I could go to get some help at home. I’m completely new to all of this & new to the area that I live in so not sure where I could go to find a childminder or someone who has help out a few hours a week. Thanks

Posted By Lisa @ PND Ireland on Jan 21, 2021

Hi Anonymous, I understand it is difficult when you are new to an area and a new mom too! Do please consider to call us as you are genuinely not alone, even if for a chat to talk things through with you. Due to the fact that we don't usually set up direct help for mom's within the home and I am also not aware as to what area you live in - I can not make any recommendations from experience of dealing with services for that reason in the past, however, I am aware that there are services online that perhaps you could have a look at to see what is available in your own area that may be of help to you. There are also lists of available 'home-helps' or childminders that you would have to possibly interview, reference check, etc yourself to find someone that you feel is most suitable to you and your own individual needs and requirements. In the intervening time, we are here to talk it through with you and support you in talking about this challenging time for you and in seeking the help you require and to support you in any other way possible. Please do consider to give us a call or alternatively you can send your number by private message to 'PND Ireland' on Facebook for a call back and I can give you call for a chat about your situation. Do please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing? Lisa @ PND

Posted By Lisa @ PND Ireland on Jan 21, 2021

Ps. Just a reminder that we are here for you and that your GP is also available to you always, if in the event that you would like to have a chat around your struggle with PND at the moment (as I am not fully aware of what symptoms you are experiencing ) and GP's are generally very understanding of PND and the different challenges it brings, if you were to consider to make an appointment you may find it of huge benefit in helping you through this challenging time also.

Posted By Sarah on Jan 23, 2021

My health insurance covered a post partum doula from Doula Care Ireland - I’m not sure with Covid if anyone would be able to come to your house - but after this lockdown they offer a great a service - the doula who came to my house was brilliant - hope you find what you are looking for. Per Lisa’s reply above - I spoke to my GP about how I was feeling and she was extremely supportive so I would definitely recommend that as a first port of call too

Posted By Lisa @ PND Ireland on Jan 28, 2021

Hi Sarah, Thankyou so much for sharing this information, it is definitely helpful for other parents to see this and thankyou for sharing your positive experience with your GP here. We love to read positive or helpful messages on this site also as it gives new parents hope that help is available while suffering with PND and that recovery from PND is possible, even if it does take time but with the correct steps in setting up support it certainly helps and does make a difference along the way.

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 24, 2021

Hi my baby also has reflux and I'm finding it very hard to cope as I'm suffering with pnd. Has your babies reflux improved at all?