Reply to Where do I start?

Posted By Anon on Nov 20, 2015

It started about 3 weeks after I gave birth to my second back in September. I was becoming increasingly angry all the time. One minute I'd be fine next minute I'd be like someone posessed. Then came the tears and lots of them. I feel down, isolated, lonely and cry most days. I'm getting plenty of sleep as baby sleeps all night and I thought once that started I'd feel better but I don't. Where do I even begin to get help? I haven't told anyone how I'm feeling.

Posted By martie on Nov 21, 2015

hi, I read ur post earlier today. it sounds exactly like how I'm feeling at the m o. I had my second in July and have been feeling the same... just going through t he motions.. very angry as well.. absolutely killing my husband. I don't know how he is putting up with me.. no interest in anything.. I used to love make up and getting dressed up. I barely look in the mirror now. it's so different to how I felt with my 1st.. I keep thinking it's just it's a hard time, money is tight an x that's been difficult bit I just can't shake it.. I think I am going to go to the doc next week if I can summon up the energy... I read ur post and I felt like I cud really understand tho... I just want the old me back.. best of luck with everything xx

Posted By anon on Dec 11, 2015

I totally understand. Had my baby 5 months ago and after 5 weeks my husband had to drag me to the doctors. Felt embarrassed and ashamed (still do a bit) but was put on tablets and they do work. Have fought with my husband more in the past 5 months than in the 7 years we have been together. I know its hard and its hard work to get bettet but it does