Reply to Study exploring women's experiences of postnatal depression

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 04, 2019

If you are a woman who was diagnosed with postnatal depression after having the first baby and would like to share your valuable experience and contribute to my research project, please click on the link below: If you agree to participate, you will take part in the questionnaire consisting of open-ended questions about your experiences of motherhood and postnatal depression. The study has been ethically approved by the Ethics Panel at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Project Reference Number: UG-1913. Withdrawal, anonymity and confidentiality You will not be asked for any identifying information as the study design is anonymous. However, if you provide any information that could lead to identification (such as names of people or places) will be removed or changed to ensure anonymity. All data will be securely stored and treated with confidence. As the data is anonymous you will not be able to withdraw your data once it has been submitted. By submitting your responses, you are considered to give informed consent to take part in this study. However, you can withdraw during the study by exiting the browser before submitting. Data obtained in the study will be stored on a password protected location which will only be accessible to the researcher and supervisor. Thank you!