Reply to Support Groups Tipperary Roscrea/Nenagh Area

Posted By Anonymous on Oct 10, 2019

Hi I don’t really know where to start with my post. The best thing to do is start at the beginning, I gave birth to the most adorable little boy nearly 12 months ago. Never suffered a day in my life with my mental health but my life was turned upside down when I brought my little bundle home. To cut a long story short, everywhere I turned there was no support groups, no coffee mornings nothing for women suffering with their post natal mental health. I was so disappointed in the system it was all big cities that had support groups. Now thankfully that I’m doing much better, I still can’t help but feel so frustrated that there is not more help offered everywhere. I have a great doc and a great support system but no one can understand and help and comfort you as much as a person who fully understands what you are feeling, I believe this whole heartily. So if there is anyone here that is from the above listed areas that wants to reach out and chat I would be more than happy to, start our own little coffee morning perhaps. One day at a time ladies, it will get better xx

Posted By Anonymous on Oct 11, 2019

Unfortunately Im not from Tipp, but good on you. I think its a great idea. A group like that on a smaller scale is so helpful, it would encourage people to talk and open up.

Posted By Ann on Oct 19, 2019

Good on you for bringing this up. My little girl has just turned one and I found the first 6-9 months very up and down's harder than people think being a new parent and she was my second. I am.not in your area but would be happy to stay in touch online with you for chats.